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  • Bad Corporate Governance Example eBay Guy Stalking On YouTube

    Here we have Teflon Don Hubcap Joe an eBay top rated seller and the official company social media pr guy stirring up trouble for his bosses. What he is doing would be against any other corporations governance policy. But we're talking about eBay Inc that could care less. It's a known fact that corporate execs are in fact cheering him on. CEO Devin Wenig is well aware what his eBay guy is doing but turns a blind eye. It's a blatant YouTube policy violation too. But with that eBay corporate money coming in Google could care less as well. This guy brags about being un-suspendable. Maybe he should be the one that is FIRED!

    Video transcript: in this video I'm going to unmask this man as Charles fish an obese loner that lives in Westland Michigan the purpose of this video is to explain why Fitch is harassing some people to this day including wjbk reporter Rob Walczyk about seven years ago Fitch started attacking me because I'm a successful eBay seller at that time I was not requiring immediate payment on my eBay listings and Fitch would place fake bids or do the buy it now in order to secure the winning bid leave me negative feedback then call eBay and make fake complaints about me if that wasn't enough Fitch would then upload videos to YouTube proving he did it because he thought that myself and the other victims had no way of identifying him or bringing him to justice well this masked man was very wrong reporter Rob Walczyk who does the Hall of Shame segment wjbk in Michigan did a nice story about this internet predator in fact Fox News actually referred to this man as I quote an Internet predator and international Menace unquote Fox News did two different pieces about this guy and shows how he attacks many many people online not just myself the purpose of this particular video is to show you Charles Fitch attacking Rob Walczyk I'm going to play a clip of that shortly and you will hear Fitch distorting his voice in an effort to get reporter Rob Walczyk fired in subsequent videos I will show you conclusive proof of Fitch attacking at least half a dozen people online and trying to get them fired Fitch loves to call people's job to try and get them fired erroneously and falsely so I think it's only fair that Fitch should be reported to the following locations for his stalking number one Detroit thermal systems is a company in Romulus Michigan where Fitch works and he is abusing their terms of employment by using their Wi-Fi and resources to harass and stalk people not only is he doing this online but he's doing it in the workplace and the workers at Detroit thermal systems have contacted me because they fear for their safety because Fitch owns a loaded registered gun him right there and he actually claims to carry it with him at all times the reason I can say this is because Fitch himself made that claim on a video and uploaded it to YouTube and I do have that video and I will produce that subsequently Fitch is also a member of the United Auto Workers Union the UAW and they need to be contacted as well as well as Ford Motor Company who subcribe subcontracts out certain parts to Detroit thermal systems to be made I myself do not think the Ford Motor Company would approve of Fitch's actions and I don't think you would either now let's play the clip of Fitch attacking reporter Rob Walczyk and after that I will come back with contact information how you can help Rob Walczyk off the air because he is destroying people's lives he's really going out on a limb to put stories out there that are not true I mean the current story that he just about this guy you know calling him a loser saying he's a loser because he lost his home it's really pathetic that you guys keep allowing this individual with a camera go around and not only harass people but to stalk them I mean even admits that he's stalking people watching them I just think that somebody needs to look at this and take him off the air I think he is an idiot you know this guy called people a bomb he deserves to be in the Hall of Shame himself I think Rob wall tech needs to go just look at the comments we get the Facebook comments that you guys have on your latest story with him where people are speaking out about the terrible things that he's saying about the people that he's doing stories on trying to destroy their lives and call them bums call them losers when this guy's a loser himself we're tired of hearing this guy get him off Fox News Rob Walter needs to go okay if you're as disgusted by this man's behavior as you should be and I know as I am I'm going to give you some contact information so we can give him a dose of his own medicine Fitch is employed at Detroit thermal systems in Romulus Michigan and they can be reached at 7:30 for 4:03 6500 press the option for Human Resources and asked to speak to either Eric or the new man who was started working there I don't have his name on me right now but I can get it secondly I'm going to put a link to the UAW Facebook page in the description box or the comment section please you can contact them right through the Facebook page and tell them what their member is doing which violates the terms and conditions of the UAW membership next I'm going to put a link to the Twitter for both the UAW and the Ford Motor Company because I think the Ford Motor Company needs to be brought into this because they have no idea what their subcontractors employee has been doing and abusing people from the workplace I think that be very happy to learn that now let me make something clear if the UAW or Ford itself or Detroit thermal systems choose on the merits of what this man has been doing to fire him well that's just fine but that is not an end in itself it's just a means to an end so what I'm saying is if he gets fired tomorrow nothing changes this continues our goal is to see this man arrested for criminal stalking pandering and also interfering with the running of an online business and a brick-and-mortar store business I don't have time in this one video to tell you guys all the things Fitch has done to myself and others but I'll just highlight a few of them right now number one he made fake fire code violations against my business and I have the emails that link right back to him during the early days when he first started attacking me he was a little more careful about what he did but lately he's gotten very sloppy and careless and this information links right back to him so this is really really strong evidence as I said myself and the other victims are lobbying for the arrest and conviction of this man he also impersonated an FBI agent to get sensitive PayPal and eBay information now if that is not a federal crime I don't know what is guys please visit Chuck Fitch scammer com that link will also be below and you can see some of the resource material we have compiled over the last seven years I have absolutely no intention of ever stopping this the reason I'm so fervent about it is because Fitch place those fake bids on my account to hurt my eBay store he thought he was being real funny by rubbing it in my face and placing those videos on YouTube I'm willing to bet if Fitch could turn back the hands of time seven years he wouldn't be so cocky because of that I will never stop until he's arrested thank you guys for watching this video I'll have another one up as soon as I get time with more information about this guy we are going to continue exposing Charles Fitch of Westland Michigan

    youtube abusive video id mpMEOvgjcQY by crazeenydriver

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  • Corporate Troll CrazeeNyDriver Outs Victim Using Fox News Rob Wolchek

    After his victim bashed eBay while selling Amazon associates niche websites on YouTube crazeenydriver brought in the big guns. Seems to me then ceo John Donahoe hated Amazon with a passion. It's my opinion he couldn't stand this guy promoting Amazon and literally bashing eBay and PayPal at the same time. It must have drove Donahoe crazy. What it would have been to be a fly on eBay corporate boardroom. This was the ultimate corporate smear campaign ever. It's rumored Lithium superfans were involved in the smear campaign.

    Video transcript: hey guys Joe from the crazy New York driver show today is Tuesday August 6th 2013 and today's video is entitled public service announcement regarding fox news reporter Rob wall checks news segment last night regarding a dangerous cyber stalkers the purpose of this video is several fold mainly to keep the community safe that's something I've been a longtime fan on keeping eBay PayPal and YouTube safe from scammers and cyber stalkers we have a huge voice folks and the last night it was more apparent than any goodwill win before we get started a couple of points I need to make if you saw last night's show you'll understand what I'm gonna talk about if you didn't see the show there's a link below which is directly to the Fox News site fox news reporter Rob Wall checks report which you can see yourself for those are for those of you who did see it you know how far along things are and you know what's gonna happen next so for that reason I will not be using anybody's real names or even anybody's YouTube accounts I will refer to the person as my cyber stalker or the monstas either is apropos all right so let's get started if you saw the segment last night and I did and I was up to the wee hours yes I know I look a little tired now and I am and I admit that I probably fall asleep at work later but it was time well spent I was surprised to see how many of you good people were up late last night now granted there's a time difference all over the world so if I was up let's say 12:30 1:00 o'clock if you live out west it was three hours earlier so it wasn't that bad for you guys but I was really surprised at the number of people that were commenting and viewing live now a lot of really take some time now to thank the people that have helped thus far because I didn't do this alone I mean yes I'm the one that actually contacted Rob and gave an interview but actually let me tell you some of the people responsible for all this first of all my friend changed he actually recommended that I contact Rob Walczyk I did and Rob was very good to work with he was very interested and he presented a great story you all know my friends sculpins agapit he was also on last night's new show and he spoke briefly about ISP masking and that's something we really need to get into big nate'll we've talked about the cyber stalking issue and people are well aware of that but we need to talk about ISP masking because it's very important and if to a freak of nature you don't know what it is to use eBay as an example all right let's say I'm logging in from Brooklyn New York right now okay let's say I'm a criminal and my eBay account get suspended eBay would ban anybody login from this exact ISP which is good because it keeps eBay safe however there is a person a stalker who has devised the way around that so he gets banned from eBay and got banned from eBay if you watch last night's segment and he continues to go on and perpetrate fraud like Peter says we need to make ISP masking against the law that should be reserved only for federal officials or people and law enforcement not for civilians there is no good that can come from ISP masking that's something Peter and I have been talking a lot about and you'll be hearing more about that in the future from us but let me get back to this video another guy that's been a big help from day one is moo mart moo mart one he's a member of the KL o V which is an arcade community before the cyber stalker ever attacked me he was attacking the arcade community and scamming them I do believe their website might be K LOV calm but if not you could just Google K LOV and all their information will come up and I hope that this has been a help to those good people some other people you may not know that well alright Neil from Brighton Beach Brooklyn not far away from me Neil's been a great friend from day one you don't see him on video - look she's not a big video guy but he's very good at what he does Neil is an investigator in case you don't know that that's what he does for a living he's an investigator he can get information that's really important also very good behind the keyboard is Matt Zolo matt is an expert code slinger and graphic designer he can make you up some neat logos the guy is super talented a great friend and an honest eBay seller next we have brian brian has been a good friend throughout he's kept in touch with me emails he's made videos and we've talked about things and he's been very supportive without Brian I wouldn't be here right now without all of you I wouldn't be here right now think about it think how many people are involved in this there are just so many Gary Gary I haven't mentioned you lately just a short pants you have been another invaluable asset with your PM's and your insight and your help that's what's so great about YouTube is good people coming together helping each other and this child proves that think back to last year when all this crap saw it if any if I said to any of you last year in one year a little over a year Fox News is gonna do a feature article about the monster if you guys would have said well Joe you know I hope you're right but Jesus I don't know and I could understand your thinking but guys it's happy it's happened cause we have a voice on YouTube me you all you guys we made this channel work and as far as I'm concerned we want pure and simple you know if you saw the video last night Fox News report you know what's coming next read between the lines don't worry anything that happens you will know about it okay I'm on the case I'm not going anywhere I will still make norm by normal Friday eBay videos by how to put this video out today just to thank you originally I was gonna put it out yesterday and tell you about the news report but I decided not to I said let me wait one day let me see how the news report goes and let me see how everybody comments and let me address those comments ah there's just so many people I mean I could stay on here all day you know all day it's interesting if you're watching the news report some of the questions the report is asked like where does he get his money from did you also notice how they said here Ali leaves the house goes to the movies alone who goes to the movies alone except for sad-sack oh my god when he came lumbering out of that movie house buh-buh-buh-buh-buh boom my jaw dropped all right and the class act that he is and every scene short pants flip-flops and no socks I mean he just he embodies class not oh my god but then again I just want to say thank you guys thank you for sticking with me thank you for all we've accomplished and all we are going to accomplish eBay is a lot safer now so is PayPal and I dare say you two about YouTube's gonna hopefully follow their leads they haven't yet I don't think YouTube really knows what's going on but they will okay well anyway I'm crazy new out driver you're not thanks for watching Ferrari I'll have my normally BAE video back and by then I will have gotten some sleep man you guys really Rock I mean I'm really I'm God Thanks that's all I can say thank you for everything you've done and if I forgot to mention you please understand I had about two hours sleep last night I haven't left the work yet but I had to put this video out it was the least like to do thanks guys let me out of here bye

    crazeenydriver youtube video id OGZ1Y4mYOr0

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  • Suspended For Complaining About Car Scams On eBay Motors

    In 2006 eBay was infested with car scams. Doc ended up getting suspended after a listing was wrongly cancelled. I always invited prospective buyers to call my toll free number to ask questions or to add a buy now to a listing. I had an absolute baby doll 1986 Lincoln town car with low miles. As I've done many times a buyer called and we negotiated a buy-now price.

    I logged into eBay and added the buy-now option. Told the buyer to refresh his screen and he should see the buy-now added and to click it and close the listing out. He said it's gone. eBay had pulled the listing for suspected fraud.  I ended up selling the car without it's auction. But really angry about what transpired i sent Bill Cobb a nasty-gram. He responded by clicking his naru button and it was goodbye Doc.

    I'm thinking they wanted to get rid of me and set me up my killing that listing. I was a pain in their sides always complying on their motors forum about the massive amount of car scams and deadbeat bidders who won auctions and did not pay. The trolls are telling people i sold stolen cars and rolled back odometers. Trolls also claim eBay kicked me off for being a scammer which is not true!

    Here's a screenshot of my now famous NARU email dated 01/22/2006. It's posted to my phpBB forums and has many replies from friends and motors forum members. By that time it was nearly impossible to sell a quality 'front line ready' used car on eBay. My buyer and I below standing next to the car.

    ebay suspension (naru) email notification

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  • Warning Consumers About Internet Car Scams

    In 2013 between April and September eBay was infested with car scams. Newly registered sellers with no feedback were listing late model automobiles for unrealistically low prices. Many buyers lost their money to these cleverly baited phishing traps. Doc created narrated screen capture videos warning consumers as more scams were listed every day. One of those videos is below.

    About this time was when the the discrediting of his sellers reputation began. I'll always believe eBay was behind the trashing of my pristine sellers reputation. They gave scammers the run of the house with literally no regard to their members security. Fraudsters were picking their buyers pockets clean!

    Video transcript: Greetings friends doc here it's Saturday June the 8th 2013 and we've got quite a few today to go through so we're gonna get started here real quick Saturday you know from what I've understood that there's nobody working at the eBay entrusting safety to take the scams down so naturally the scammers take advantage of that they've been doing it for years they've been doing it for nine years that I know of and but anyway here's the first one here here's the 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo pretty burgundy car new seller here io imp 33 hi we pronounce that rested on June the 5th ok 2013 that's the seller or should I say the scammer but anyway there's the there's the dead fish right there don't miss 4400 so there you go that's the dead fish with that one yep 4400 yeah don't miss it yeah I'll bet the only problem is you get your first hint of the scam if you look at this auto check history report let's see let's go all the way down here you know it is it is it is definitely for sure animal in Pennsylvania but the only problem is look here it says cover reported as silver alright so let's go back up here and go back there we found the CARFAX report on it and by the way you know a lot of times you can get a free carfax report if a dealer has purchased the Carfax within 60 days you can find that Carfax by googling up the VIN number so that can save you some money right there if you're just happy to look for a car and you even if you know it's not a scam go go up the VIN number you might find a free carfax look $39 you might get it for free but anyway getting back to the Jeep here it's at dealer inventory 510 2013 okay we're sold at auction on five six okay so that is definitely in Pennsylvania but further moving on along with the VIN number I come up with this listing on AOL autos for a dealer and there's the Jeep that the VIN number matches this VIN here matches the been in the eBay auction okay the last six the sequential and look you see it's silver and also you see what they want for thirteen nine ninety five so that's the price you know this is the dead fish this is the stinks like dead fish this you know pretty looking thing too and you see they've actually they pay chopped out the come on ebay load show you there's two back see how they paint shopped out the the license plate so that's not even the same not even the same vehicle okay anyway next we move on down the line to this 2005 toyota tundra limited pick them up truck it's for sale by eleven dot another new seller that also record on the sixth okay June 613 and we come on down here and there's the bears distinct like dead fish take it for forty eight hundred yeah I'll take a dozen of them for forty eight hundred real deals not that not not some scammers stolen pictures but anyway you can see there's the photos okay they're just that's just the photos to sell and the scammers showing you he wants you to think that that's the truck that you'll be fitting honor that actually he wants you to contact him and to buy it for that and unfortunately moving on down the line I found good by googling up the VIN number I found they closed out listing on eBay previously ended on April 14th that twenty four visit brought eighty nine twenty five and it's in chair and neck New Jersey so it looks like it's looks like it's somewhere near the beach in in New Jersey so so there's the truck there's the actual truck that matches the bin okay and then of course there's the scammers truck yep anyway so you can see there's a FETs that's how they do it they take a bin from one two picture from another and there you go but here's number three a 2005 Chevy Tahoe z71 in Lindon Michigan for sale by twenty-two dot Smith I'm sure that's probably the same scammer that set up the whole one Goyle but another zero feedback were registered on June the 6th okay come on down here to the listing and there's the there's the really stinks like I mean you got to be a real idiot to follow to do this and contact this guy living bombs at hotmail.com 4600 yeah right can you hear me calling I'm sucker big I'm soccer date yep ah yeah there's the there's a listing I found by googling up the VIN number on eBay which previous owner had it up for sale May 26 that ended about 16 bits brought 9100 reserve not net so that's the legitimate listing and the pictures are the same on this one but of course they got the actual owner had more pictures but see that's a scam that's a scam so anyway we move on down the line and we've got this Wow look at this big ol they go decked out 2000 Ford f-250 FX 4 Hey look at that man what a deal only 11 - woohoo 11 - for sale buy new seller curvy KRV why C 29 0 feedback arrested on June the 5th 13 okay so anyhoo come on down the listing and you can buy it for only 11 - wow what a deal huh and then there's the there's the dead fish you know contact me at this they want to get you off eBay so they can pull some scam on you okay good looking truck but there ain't no way in hell you're gonna buy that for 11 - okay so don't even think about him you see something like this just click back out of there and don't waste your time if you are an eBay member you can come down to the bottom link here and where it says report this item and click and report it unfortunately they suspended me because they don't like people like me telling their people there's brought out there so I can't report it but you can so anyway so that's the that's the scam I did find this listing apparently it's already sold okay but there's the truck 23 988 that's the price that who had it up for sale okay so I do believe it's already been sold but that's the VIN then that just that truck the sequential B so they want 23 they we're asking 23 988 and yet our scammer here we'll sell it for 11 - so if you if you swallow that sucker bait they'll reel you in and steal your money and probably steal your identity - at the same time so you just got to be careful folks do your homework don't swallow the sucker bait okay last but not least here's another Ford pick them up truck it must be pick them up truck day but here's a 2004 and f250 crew cab diesel for sale by 22 Vil 3 another zero feedback ER and have a look here June 6 restaurants June 6 you know very possibly these accounts are being set up with someone stolen I did need a stolen credit card I mean I kind of have a hard time believing scammers are using their own identity to whisk ours you know just like everything else they do it's all false so but anyway coming back here going down the listing just truck to be yours only 7 grams I mean you got to be a total fricking idiot to think you can buy a 2005 Powerstroke diesel truck 4x4 you know for 7 grand you know for more pictures contact me you know there's the debt there's the stinks like dead fish right here and right there ok so you know if you swallow that sucker bait they'll reel your ass in ok 7 grand ha ha ha yeah right mm-hmm of course there's a there's a listing where it was on eBay it's actually in use to Texas there's the truck that matches the VIN okay it's a truck dealer in Houston Texas that had to something they sold it I don't know if they sold it or not but that's who owned it and man was there a price on here well yeah they wanted it brought thirteen 299 reserved not that they wanted 18 480 now you know I noticed that Audi made that you know these vehicles aren't bringing anywhere near what the what the actual market value they're not even bringing anywhere near what actual wholesale would be on an average because you know they've ruined the refugee in my personal opinion anyway he bass ruined the reputation of this site by you know allowing me number one allowed me dance cameras to come in here I mean they've been doing it since I started doing I started recording eBay motor scams in 2004 okay because they were out of hand they're still out of hand and he baits letting them get away with it and just killing now that's the fine example of a gorgeous-looking truck I mean this guy's got the messy old Vesey old double iframe problem see there when you got a lot of HTML using Firefox browser you're gonna get stuck with a double double iframe but look at that that's a gorgeous truck beautiful looking truck you know and you know chuckle we brought 13 299 the 11 bids you know trucks worth 18 grand all day long it worth 18 grand at the auction wholesale to another dealer okay but anyway now also I want to point out my website here is a bay Motor sucks com that's my blog and you know I've got documented eBay fraud going all the way back to 2000 or late 2004 early 2003 that I've been I've been back in the old days before we had the video you know I've been documenting all these scams the history's here it's been going on forever okay seems like forever and it's still happening now what you want to understand is I want to show you on the home page here this is an article from the FBI okay that it tells that how the scammers are using eBay branding which is the VP fee or the vehicle purchase protection how to scare people out of their money okay so you might you know anytime anytime you got any doubts about a scam you know just go check this out if you don't believe me listen to the FBI okay and also it's very important that there's been a lot of lot of fraudulent second-chance offers going down and there's also a video here that I've got embedded in my site that's talking about a person in Texas that almost got scammed being was smart and he called eBay and they said no it's a scam it was on an Airstream trailer he almost lost his money but what also I want you to know is the especially aware of any second-chance offer if you bid on any of these cars that these scammers have listing you could have even been on somebody's car that they could have hijacked someone's account you might get an email for a second chance offer okay just got to be careful that that very possibly could be fraudulent okay never even send a small deposit to you've confirmed the valid a of the offer by contacting a summer through the eBay message center never contact a seller through an external email address like we've seen on these examples I did earlier okay and also that should be in if you get a legitimate second-chance offer from eBay it should be in your eBay my messages okay that's the both in you want to look out for now down here is an actual scammers invoice for a vehicle on eBay that a friend of mine played out played this thing scam out with these scammers okay and then this deal and you can see here come up a little bit there what they wanted was the get the goal of this game was to hustle the mark out of it eighty four hundred and fifty dollar deposit by wire scam of my wire transfer okay but now this this one had a this one had a twit double twist to it in order to in order to do this you had to call this toll-free number okay the eight seven seven two zero nine seven one two five which is supposed to be the eBay Support Center okay to confirm your invoice and request payment in instructions okay so basically what these people what these scammers are doing is they're gonna fish your identity when you call this number to complete your transaction they're gonna ask you your date of birth and you know your driver license number and you know blah blah blah they're gonna they're gonna steal your identity they're not only going to steal your money they're gonna steal your identity too so be very very careful if you see anything it looks even anything resembles anything like this okay just run like hell and if you've communicated with a scammer you need to run a full virus scan on your computer okay they could put a key log or anything in there that could one day one you're put chatting with them they could hide a key logger that when you type in your banking password or anything it transmits it to scammers so run a full virus scan on your computer and you know I use myself and it's free if you're using Windows it's called Microsoft Security Essentials ok it's for Windows it's Windows antivirus it's free it works like a charm it'll block a script it does auto updates updates itself automatically just like Norton or any others that you got to pay a fortune for it works fine ok but in the meantime I'm going to get out of here I've talked way too long but just beware that the scams are out there and also I might want to add real quick I've teamed up with another ebay video blogger the crazy New York driver is a another video blogger on YouTube and he knows everything about eBay if you need any help with an eBay transaction or anything asked me a comment in one of my videos there go to the crazy New York driver channel it's called it's cra-z EE ny driver ok his YouTube channel and post a comment I'm one of his videos or are contacting through YouTube email and he'll be glad to help you but anyway you know whatever you do folks just be careful the scams are out there you know don't swallow the sucker bait there's these scammers are pros at what they do stealing people's money ok and if you if you you do they're useful if you do if you swallow the hook you're done forth they'll reel you in and your money and your identity to be fished so take your friends have a great weekend

    warning about car scams

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  • Twitter @ReportBullies Promoting Hate @Jack Will Not Remove It

    Twitter account @ReportBullies is another social media account that's used to spread hate. It's been reported many times in it's 5 year existence but is still spreading hatred and bad will. @ReportBullies is rumored to belong to eBay seller Hubcap Joe who owns a Moscow RU hate website that's advertised on it's cover page.

    twitter hate account @reportbullies hubcap joe crazeenydriver

    Theirs no doubt where this hate is coming from. eBay top rated seller Joe DeMarco is the linked website owner. Joe also produces the weekly eBay Infomercial series on YouTube under his crazeenydriver channel. Looking through DeMarco's past "eBay Talk Videos" you will see this linked offshore hate website advertised. Who is data from when it's privacy protection expired is here.

    This is yet another example of corporate hate alleged to be coming from eBay Inc. It's been going on since around 2013 and local law enforcement and the feds refuse to get involved. It's criminal cyberstalking, plain and simple. 

    Doc produced this video about a year ago documenting who owns this hate website!

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  • Stop Cyberbullying Now YouTube Channel Promoting Hate

    This YouTube Channel Stop Cyberbullying Now is anything BUT what it's name implies. Alleged eBay corporate trolls headed by crazeenydriver post this hate using anonymous YouTube accounts. This hate video is produced by creator Jason DeCanio of Oviedo FL.

    youtube hate video id ik2tLHhzu2E creator jason decanio

    Video transcript: well good morning once again folks to the Disney Kenya channel for Wednesday May 21st 2014 and cone you fucking old man you just don't know how to leave well enough alone to you it just like the fat boy have to stick your nose and everybody's business let me tell you something about what you want to classify as social media manipulation you my friend do a hell of a good job pull it off all this crap look at you t me based smear campaign you know this right here is going to land you in fucking jail why because you have no business making a site like this your website ok your google URL your YouTube channel your shield Buster's dot org you want to be exposed just like the fat boy we can expose you very easily there my wonderful word the wisdom to you is old man you should have stuck your nose somewhere else when you said I was going to have my surgery done and then you come back play all this hopes on us your hoax backfired first of all because it didn't it didn't surprise me one bit you know you didn't play anybody but yourselves as damn fools ok you want my advice there Coon why don't you go ahead stick your nose in the river and suck up some of that polluted crap that's floating in your brain ok you want to talk about a smear campaign how do we smear you and eBay is a joke charles w fridge all over the internet and talk about how you lie and deceive and fraud and scam people how about that how about we do that and we could do incredibly and not break the law you see you break the law and continue to do this again you and the fat boy have lost your focus why don't you go into ebay paypal for fucking you over and you know to get any brain cells left in that old fucking head of yours you know who to our continued to demoralise the fame say neat things about the passing of Joe's mom really heartless it and you're a heathen for Christ's sake that my friend you know you're a heathen you don't practice no religion you say you keep going to church I want to see what church you go to buddy in Tampa yeah I tell the pastor what a fucking idiot you are I said this before to you mr. Kuhn as long as you guys want to keep smearing me all over the fucking place you're going to get what's coming back to you it's really simple stop doing this and I will stop doing this it's really simple you guys want to expose what you know you cannot win against which is all of us against you're too sorry asses well if you want to count that whiler that's three I still say it's a 10 23 matchup with us coming out on top every time now ed you know you keep saying that I dodged your interview about this well here's my response back to you you think I'm going to give you a truthful statement about the mail fraud situation I told you I was innocent of all of that crap you're very old fat board made up all that crap and you believed in like a jerk that you are you would believe a better tells lies you're Christian and you know what they always say about Christians they never tell the truth ok that's not all Christians ok I've been a Roman Catholic for 34 years want to bring the religion thing in here smartass you know yeah yeah the group is led to be headed you know joel has didn't want to fight you and the problem is is that you're a coward just like fish you don't want to put your money way and put money where your mouth is you know you just want to go on and make these videos use the smear campaign the social media manipulation you love manipulating the media just as much as we do but here's the thing it's like the Liberals and the Conservatives your liberals we're conservative we tell the truth you lie and you always will why don't you go on CNN MSNBC ABC CBS all these letter channels and go and tell your story see if they really want to take your stories of how you lie and deceive people and tell their story you know if you're so big on this whole thing that mr. Kuhn because I think you're a fool I really do my word of wisdom to you is you shoulda quit while you were ahead when you had your surgery if you had your surgery and God knows you had to talk about an expert see you expose yourself every time there because you're told what to say by the fat boy and don't get me this bullshit that I don't know what I'm talking about come on man they are bullshit on it's just like he is and as far as I'm concerned you know the two you can go rock lake titicaca my friends because you're heartless you're cold hearted you show me very much disrespect to a man whose mother is on her freakin death bag do you have any idea how this man is taking this do you have any idea no you just don't give a shit let me tell you something there mr. Kuhn I hope you die of what has happened to you when the doctor screws you over okay why did you go complain to your insurance company how you got screwed over in your surgery okay and it doesn't matter if your old young newer weather when the time is up the Lord's calling you you gotta go and leave everything behind so you want to continue to make these stupid videos go right ahead you know you wanna keep your Charles are being blocked as far as it and as far as I'm concerned you can make a rebuttal video that i don't know what i'm talking about that I don't need to stay at it let me tell you some of the fat boys called me out as long as the fat boy and yourself are calling me and everybody else out we're going to fight you about this I'll see you sorry ass in court man I should have came after you a long time ago with a PPO I really should have because you threatened just as much as the fat boy does it may not come right out and point a finger but you shouldn't know how to convince people that you think you know what you're talking about and you can take your sorry 20 years of doing all this shit with cars and everything retire for a change go enjoy life man it's not your fight it's not dead LYLAS fight it's Charles W Fitch's fight and right now he's a sorry coward for not coming out and starting to come clean about some things because as long as he talks the shit hits the fan every time and you read you're just spreading the shit all over the place so with these these fake channels this one and you know everything else that you basically have come up with the cyber awareness channel that has I've received notifications from who the hell are you fucking kidding man who the hell are you kidding yeah man you're jealous just like he is you gotta stick your nose where the Sun don't shine right money yeah that's exactly right hey so friends let me tell you something about mr. air-cooled he loves to stick his nose in everybody else's business just like Charles W fetch cheap Detweiler anyone who is jealous of the fact that they're like them they get pissed off and they got exposed well we're gonna expose you guys how about that how about it edge how about it because look at it this way if you want to sue me for exposing you we can come right back and expose you for 20 years of scams frauds and everything else you got your sorry ass kicked off ebay paypal and the likes of okay i will sell on ebay or paypal the mail fraud scam any true but you're going to believe the fat boy over me because i stood you up on a phone interview you think i'm going to stoop to your level no way mr. kuhn you want to debate you come on Jason Kelly's show and we'll debate and I'll tell your sorry ass right in front of a million people you are the loneliest person in tampa bay florida who sits it from his computer there crepyn yeah and I can you're fat booyah fat poor friend will say that I am harassing the eldery let me tell you something man there are more mature adults out there who are on justice in better shape as you are mr. Kuhn but think before they talk ok you get played for a fool every time by mr. fish so you know what comes out of your pie hole then hits the fan every time so once again friends if if if Charles W fit your head Coon want this kind of treatment we will give it to them it's as simple as that I have no problem exposing to growing overgrown Apes individuals that need to be put away in a jail in a facility where they need some serious counseling serious help serious thoughts about what they're saying and to who they're saying it to andrew that directing their anger toward because we know you're pissed off we know you're upset but here's the thing your accusations and your allegations are becoming false every day so go ahead talk some more bullshit makes you look like a fucking idiot doesn't it that mr. Kuhn that's alright that's alright you keep talking and I'll keep truthfully telling you to your face in videos or fucking assholes you really are they said he can yell out

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  • It's True - Ya Can't Tell The Players Without A Program

    There's an old saying - you can't tell the players without a program. This is especially true with gang stalking. Those that appear to be your allies could be your enemy's in disguise. I did shut ebaymotorssucks.com down for a few weeks, but after repeated attacks by YouTube trolls I put it back online. All of this hatred is originating from the YouTube crazeenydriver channel and we know where It points to >> #Attorney #ClassAction

    youtube hate video id UF0cK29MLuA

    Edie Coon the critic is gone at Coon the critic is dead he's gone when I say he's dead I mean that he's no longer on the internet he's no longer producing videos to protect buyers this is the man right here [Music] he even has not even come on and done a video explaining why he's removed his websites and I think it's kind of childish in a way you know Eddie used to despise the fact that that I used my websites to make money because see he can't do that he he doesn't know how to make a dime on the internet he the only thing he could do is do these websites for these crooked auto dealers that are down in Florida and I think I honestly think now that I mean after pulling you're cited I honestly think now that either eBay gave you another eBay seller account or or the fact that you are probably down in Florida with these other auto dealers down there and you're you're pulling some crooked shady shit because I had asked I asked that Coon at one point about the the cooking the crookedness of the auto business and he would never never never answer my questions he's all he's always steering the always steering the boat in the other direction at Coons boat is like a has got a hole in the bottom of it and he steers it in the proper direction or the direction away from you because he does not like to answer questions about himself he like he and he would always all we send e-mails back that would be basically either disrespectful in a way or he would I mean my god he would even accuse me of being the originator of some of the videos on YouTube I mean this is how ridiculous this guy is and how he thinks but I'm doing this video because you know I and I like that I I'm really it's a shades of shame because I like Ted and I thought his videos were on point when he spoke about me and about DeMarco I thought his videos were factual and he was able to prove that hubcap Joe was a scammer but I don't know who got to him did somebody get to him to eBay pay him to remove his his website did somebody down there put a camera in his face that we don't know about did somebody down there kind of give him some money to go away did his clients and the auto business tell him to you know pull his websites down I mean I don't know what happened only ed can tell us what happened and I know for the longest time that mr. ku was or has has been under some severe medical health issues as though he claimed with me I don't think they were true but he claimed that he had to get his legs amputated and and all that kind of stuff and so I don't know what ed Koons real agenda was I believe his agenda was to try and make money off eBay as a joke he cuz for about a month I bought some of his domains I don't even use them anymore I had purchased many ru messenger calm I purchased team eve a smear campaign calm because he was putting some good articles up on it and then he would refuse to put any more articles up on those domains i had purchased another one as well and then he started writing some good articles about ebay again and so i started linking to those articles and then and then he would move his articles then he would start moving his domains he would start changing his domains and he would make the excuse of that oh it was a security measure he was taking because ebay was attacking his websites well when ebay is a joke my self stopped communicating when i excommunicated mr. egghead tune from my email okay and this time i did it okay when i stopped communicating with ed kuhn ed kuhn went and pulled his ebay motors sucks calm site down now that only tells me that he was either working for hub cap joe or ebay somebody to ebay to try and get me to do something maybe to try and get me to say some things that would get me in trouble through email he was probably saving all my emails and that's fine I don't care a lot of my emails to ad Coon had had to do with security website security and how to do something from WordPress or how to do something on the internet as of as are my all my emails that I mostly send out the people even keep that Weiler I try to help him with stuff that he's doing and he can attest to that I'm a person that actually tries to help people make money on the internet well that Coon didn't like that at Coon didn't he despised the fact that I was trying to make money with Adsense he despised the fact that I was sitting here trying to make money with with other stuff and I would always go to Eddie Kuhn and ask him for help and sometimes you would help me and most of the time he well a lot of the times in the last coming month or so before I axe communicated mr. ed Kuhn he would basically piss me off through emails and so I had to excommunicate him and stop communicating with him because he was just being a plain old fucking asshole that's right just the plain old fucking asshole you were being a coon and I really think ed Coons got a bipolar situation going on but you know that's that's a medical issue and if you really have something if you're taking medication for anxiety or bipolar then that's private and I don't want to get into that let's see here I mean ed Kuhn has pulled down all his channels all his I don't think his YouTube channels or maybe he has pulled down his YouTube channels but ed Kuhn has really really disappointed me to the point now where I do want to talk about him I think he I think we deserve an explanation of where a coon went and why he no longer even fights against fraud at eBay okay I'm thinking maybe his wife at home told him to get off the computer that could be a possibility too he may be solid dicted to the computer and the internet that his wife at home told him he better fucking get off the computer for his ass is grass now if that's the case that's funny you know I don't let no woman control me and you know I've had girlfriends I've got a girlfriend right now and she tries to control me but I put the foot down I don't let nobody control me okay and I could and I get a good I get along good with my girlfriend and you know I've been in the situation before where I've been almost married not to any Philippine woman because mr. ed Koon is married to somebody from the Philippines and you know he went down there and got himself a wife and that's okay to do I know I know another individual that did that and it worked out well for him so that that right there I mean I I praised him and you know you know I wish him well on that but I don't let no woman control me in this situation if I want to sit at home and work on the internet all fuckin night long I can sit here and I can I can still do two laundry I can still fuck I could still put you know put something in the cut in the little fucking snatch and satisfy her and I could still go to work and bring home the money I ain't gotta Beacon fucking controlled by some fucking woman okay and maybe this is the situation right here maybe he was being controlled he's either being controlled by some woman at home or he was controlled by eBay or hubcap Joe I think what it is personally when you spend five six fucking years and you run a website called eBay motor sucks okay I think the heat was getting too bad for eBay and I think that somebody at eBay or hubcap Joe was the one that brokered broker the situation with Eddie Kuhn to pull down that website that's what I think I think I think hubcap Joe called edy her email dead and said let's talk okay and I think edge said okay and this is what I think happened I think fucking hubcap Joel brokered brokered now now he's probably working he's probably working in tandem with fucking uncle Griff Jim Griffith okay Jim Griffith isn't is like a an executive a high-level executive at eBay don't let him don't let his job title and what he does fully fully fool you Jim Griffith is probably the one that went to hubcap Joe and said go to Ed Coon and get him to take down that website at all costs okay and they probably went and they probably took care of Edie Coon they probably gave him a thousand bucks or something to take down that website well personally I don't think Edie Coon would do it for a thousand so it had to be a lot more money than that okay this is what happened of course and I'm only speculating I'm not saying this is what happened because I don't want to get sued okay but I think Edie Coon was offered maybe fifty thousand dollars he's in he's in he's already in trouble with his finances okay he's living in a trailer I think I think eBay gave him $50,000 to take down that website because it was getting a lot of traffic it was secured it was you know nobody could hack it they tried hacking it they couldn't hack it no more they couldn't get into it brute force it so they got tired they got tired of Ed Coons articles getting out there okay cuz that Coon eBay motor sucks Commons was the only website out there that talked about eBay and it scams improved it proved the scams I mean think about the xs/s sprint the this cross site scripting scams the hubcap Joel conspiracy scams that we proven okay think about all that guys think about all that so this guy I guarantee you he was offered money to shut down that web site and go away okay what do you guys think I'd like to hear about it I want to hear your comments what happened to bay motor sucks calm what happened to Ed Koon did he Bay coming and race him off the map did they pay him off what happened so I mean Bay's a joking I'll see you next time Edie Coon I think you deserve to come out and well maybe he won't say nothing because you know he's probably under a hush agreement with eBay or somebody or hubcap Joe not to talk about it but I'm curious to know if any investigator out there wants to dig into this guy's finances and find out if he was uh if he made a large deposit in his account recently okay I mean Bay's a joke piece

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  • Jason DeCanio YouTube Troll Reporting Legitimate Facebook Pages

    Another abusive YouTube video produced by Jason DeCanio of Oviedo FL reporting my Facebook Page. This is yet another example of targeted corporate sponsored hate. The abuse is tied to eBay seller Hubcap Joe aka producer of the eBay Talk video series on his crazeenydriver channel. Note the channel ID is targeting an individuals IP address.

    youtube video id bNmkXIdDBPk jason decanio hate video

    Video transcript: Wednesday February 20th 2019 current time 307 p.m. so it looks like the pumpkin pie in the old man are at it again and this time they made a Facebook group page called corporate hate org and look where it pretty much takes you when you go to the website takes you right to the old man's faggot page you know I tell you mr. Kuhn the Loon you keep this shit up here man I could slap a PPO order right on your fat ass and there's nothing you would can do about it once I already say it okay you got no right to involve me in any eBay or PayPal's abusive shit that you claim because you're you know stop for them for the love of God doc blaming me and dettweiler for your problems stop right now fat pie head boy Fitch blaming us for your issues okay you have the fucking issues when it comes to the hatred of eBay PayPal stop tying me into it okay cuz when you're dealing with this when I'm when when you're trying to tie me into something that's not your now continuing the trend of bogus information and bogus exposure and you could be set up for libel real easily okay mr. Kuhn I I hate to disappoint you but this page has already been reported okay and we are gonna report it again and again and again we're gonna continue to report it because you know you're a fake you're a fake page and fake assholes like yourself who don't want to face up to the facts that the head of the snake your boss Charles W Fitch is a fat pumpkin-pie loser who take the hint that I was never involved in eBay or PayPal you can't take the hint you can't leave well enough alone no you have to continue to take his side and I'll tell you what you know maybe you need a PPO slapped on your fat Brown ass there old man I don't care if you're an old man I don't care if you're in a wheelchair I don't fucking care about you mr. Kuhn but you want to involve yourself and tie me into it you are starting a war literally with me it's personal man okay I could tie all your abusive shit and put it into the courts I can file it really simple okay I have connections and I'm not gonna tell you who I'm connected with but it's a higher up okay and if you want to debate me why don't you go into 30 Jake a smart aleck smartass because we know fat pie head is too coward and don't want to call he don't want to talk he don't want to debate he just wants to continue harassing me he wants to continue bullying me well why you punished me mr. Kuhn why punish me mr. Fitch why cuz I sight with a guy who pretty much is as honest as apple pie maybe okay oh just because I'm friends with Joe really so you're gonna tie me into that whole stuff amen I'm gonna continue to suppose you and me and the fat boy for what you really are fucking losers okay and that's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna continue to spread hatred about you and pumpkin pie boy mr. Kuhn really simple and you could say yourself it I know what I'm getting myself into old man I'm bringing you down I'm taking you out not gonna kill you not gonna you're not gonna die I'm taking you off permanently I will silence you okay because anything that comes out of your piehole other than your fucking dentures is libelous bogus and inaccurate and if only you would have got my side of the story there why should I give you anything seven years later eight years later mr. old man from Clearwater from tois okay you dug your hole with eBay and PayPal you stood your own juices I didn't do anything to cause you to fuck up your situation same thing with you fat boy pumpkin pie head yeah you took it upon yourself to make stealth accounts and you fucked up okay and the only reason why you're going after me is because they say with Joe DeMarco big whoa whoa big fucking deal but I don't have a problem throwing the shit in your face I don't have a problem man you're talking to a guy from New York who stayed a stood up and stayed up and stand up to the plate every fucking time you guys have thrown shit in my face I've thrown it right back bigger smellier browner and more to the point I have punched you guys with the truth and you just cannot handle it so doc put that in your pipe and smoke it fool it pumpkin pie boy you keep eating the pumpkin pies keep fuck getting fat man haha that's all you're gonna do wasting away to nothing you bright your skin might be turning orange too because all the pumpkin pies you eat and then you know he's pretty much gotta go here and then they [Laughter] corporate hate that elorg Devin weenie [Laughter] oh yeah okay I like that I like that yeah yeah I think we'll go with that yeah ah ha ha ha I think you fucked in their head their fat boy been eating too much pumpkin pie of late huh yeah huh and yeah we know who thumbs up the video you and your fucking old man that's pretty much it well we reported it don't worry we reported your actions to YouTube all right I'm not hey you may call me a public figure but you exposed me and you tried to throw lies and you tried to throw a bogus information in there I hope you're proud of yourself because that's all you live off of your pathological fucking liar that's what you are a fat boy you are a pathological fucking liar okay and how can you live with yourself every day why don't you answer me that question and to be this question tough guy how can you live with bogus bullshit lies.

    Jason DeCanio YouTube Troll Gets Exposed On Facebook Comes Unglued

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  • YouTube Haven For Corporate Trolls Running Reputation Management Ops

    Another YouTube video keyworded to be found by searching for my former eBay seller id docsqualitycars. Google is complaisant because no matter how many times this (or many other videos like it) is flagged for policy or hate crime violations YouTube will not remove them. #Attorney #Lawsuit #ClassAction

    youtube video id wq7jAZTbSQ8 docsqualitycars rolled back odometers

    Transcript from YouTube: Hey guys welcome to the bizhacks channel yes this is the one and only Keith Detweiler explaining crazy driver stop and what he does well just to explain what he does I'm showing you what he does okay this is the things he's told me he's going to do just that with Google fake counts making frivolous websites about Joel because the man is sick about Joe for whatever reason but he's still sick and so is God and I'm showing you what he does okay here's one instant here on what to help camp kills ratings on Google and I definitely put one in because he has helped me out with a lot of stuff and he understands where I'm coming from after talking with him on the phone today and well I'm not going to back down from helping these people bring down Charles Finch the one I don't care how many videos he Flags this guy's an idiot he's dangerous the hubcap Joe has every right to go after them and not sit there and let a bully bully somebody and I am on the page with them and working with them legally and when we talked with their their legal advisers and tell them exactly what what was happening with me with eBay is a joke and I'm also going to explain to them why I got involved with the base joke and the reason is I got involved with eBay joking in the beginning was because some of it was credible but I found out later it wasn't and I got tired of doing the videos and he was explained to me that he wanted me to do and but earlier and the video eBay's and joke has stated that he's going to release emails between both of us hey mr. BAE's and Joe or Chuck go ahead I want you to release the 400 emails that you say that you have that's fine you come release every one of them because then it will give the proof that they need to move forward with at with these accusations for Court and those can be seized anyway so they really don't need any proof when they come knocking at your door the seizure frickin computer because that's what's going to happen I talked to Joe he doesn't fully trust me but that's ok can I understand his reasons but I talked to him and I'm going to help him with what I know and this is what I know I know a lot he goes on Google this is one of his fake accounts it's called Cole Colin Patrick gave a one star called scammer another one Google user not sure if this is him or not but that comes back down here Google user bad attitude ok so this is another fake user you can see here the abuse you can see you can track this guy another one Google user three years ago three years ago three years ago so this actually this abuse with Joe actually started way before that started three years ago this is what I wanted to explain to people that the abuse of eBay is a joke and Joe actually started longer than what they all think and it goes back beyond even me file an eBay job so because he's been trolling this gentleman for longer period of time than just YouTube okay for whatever reason but the reason is he basic jokes an unsuccessful person he's a bully he harasses people and that's coming to an end after just talking to Joe so I wouldn't want to be and Charles Finch's shoes right now considering the fact that I'm going to be a lot of evidence that's going to be talking these people I don't need to show my emails because eBay is a joke or somebody actually got one of my emails shut down for whatever reason I mean that's what all this guy does he goes in and he just causes problems and he comes after everybody that's involved or had followed a crazy driver and the reason is because Charles Finch doesn't want to be busted for illegal activity for the stuff that he does but he's already been in trouble for that and more evidence is there with ebay itself so I will tell you Charles Finch none of the people that are coming after you work for eBay but the evidence with eBay is there for you bidding on some and stuff and I've told you before the stop or I was going to go against you and I am doing exactly what I said I was going to do and that evidence is going to be there it doesn't matter if you have my emails for what we went through back and forth but what I followed you or follows your friend I'm not your friend anymore because you took it beyond you took it way beyond where I wanted to go or way beyond I was even willing to do and I told John do a video about this but the evidence is going to be clear that you can't harass people online and the reason I told you in the beginning that I was going to I was doing what I was doing and to find the information out is because I could show people that you could have a choice to do what needs to be done so I am doing that it needs to be done and it's got to be done so I'm going to talk to these legal people on my behalf and tell them what I know and what he does and what he's told me and that's all I need to do and then that evidence will be against even jump which should Evans is already there they just need people to tell them what I saw and what he does well what he does do is go on the photo bucket and post pictures of Jason de que neo and hubcap Joe and he's actually had me do a few and a couple explicit images so those were his images given to me if the reason I was doing this is because I need someone needed to come in here and show people that hit me tabulates people into doing things but I was doing them because not to be manipulated I was doing them because I wanted to be the person to show people what this guy does someone needed to get in and be this guy's friend so someone would have information to share with everybody else so he uses photo bucket uses Craigslist uses up anything he can to put fake and for put information out to cause harm to your character and I know he's going to do it to me he's already said he was so there's proof again mr. fynch that you partake in trying to hurt people we're only trying to get you contained because you're an idiot for doing the things that you do but you don't see that it's a problem let me tell you something about a dad being an ex-police officer in the police force and he is not excused I'm trying to hide you in the police community that is the news that's been going around and we all know this that you have that person or in the police department that was part of the police department one time but you are not exempt from breaking the law because you are breaking the law and if you have a legal figure hiding you and protecting you that's going to lead even to a worse case in your shoes so does it matter that your dad might be 80 years old but he does not have the right to manipulate the system if that's what's going on but as far as I know entire police officers don't have don't have placement to them to the web or police results but I can option I can actually say that the information you put out on me was paid information the information I can pay put more information on you mr. Chuck Finch that's right I can tell you right now how many losses you've lost and every lawsuit that you've been involved with different people besides Joe then I found out about and I don't need to tell people that because they already know so there's more to this ebay joke Chuck Finch than people think he's lost every lawsuit he's been involved with involved with especially with other people in in the Detroit community for scanning people so there you go and this is the kind of stuff that he does he puts fake usernames in Google puts fake user names on Craigslist photobucket Flickr I mean there isn't a part of this internet he doesn't pray around and put your information up write his own websites and I am here tell you this is what he does and I'm proof of that he's told me where he puts his stuff so I'm going to be that person to stand up to legal advisers that I need to talk to when that time comes which is coming real soon mr. Finch so when I do talk to them you're going to get a nice little rest one on your door so there you go doesn't matter what you have against me it's just going to prove the story against you so everybody have a great day this is for help Camp Joe because I am I am NOT protect I am protecting this gentleman's business because he does have any good business when I was lying to fall in today I had to be on hold about ten times because he had a lot of customers coming he has a great company and help you anyway he's never said anything bad about me not once things I've done is unexcusable to hubcap Joe so I think I owe him more than just an apology but I still would like to help in the situation and helping him bring down a cyber Scott a cyber stalker yes Charles Fitts is a cyber stalker he is sick and he has no other agenda except to go after pubchem Joe for no reason he has no reason behind it when you have no reason behind why you're going after somebody that that that cause causes you to be a stalker so mr. Finch why don't you tell us the real reason why you're going after Joe because you don't have one no you don't have one you were exposed on the news for being a stalker and going after hubcap Joe for the stuff that you are doing and you didn't even have a right to do that but you kept by continuing you did it with Rob Walter you do it Jason - can do you're doing with me you're doing it with Doc and that doesn't it care cuz that's sick in his head you know you and that would probably jump off the Brooklyn Bridge if you told him to be like okay yeah just for this news story for you mr. eBay's Joe when I hit the water my neck breaks that's going to be a good story for me drowning in Hudson Bridge in the Hudson River that's not he's following every little thing that he basic jobs tell him to do because that's what he did with me in emails and blackmail but I don't have the emails because you got my emails shut down from YouTube but some of the emails we did share he says he has so bring them I want you to put them all on your website today mr. Charles Finch I want you to show on a show everybody the emails that you talk about every email back and forth on your on your website today I want you to prove it today I want all the emails all 400 emails so we can record them and so Joe can bring it to the prosecution of of his legal litigation against you so yes we want to see them all we want to see all 400 of them thank you everybody peace out.

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  • YouTube Hate Video By Keith Detwiler Targeting Doc With Threats

    One of many YouTube hate videos targeting Doc with death threats by crazeenydriver team member Keith Detwiler of Marietta GA. YouTube refuses to remove this corporate sponsored garbage running rampart on their servers. Is their an attorney willing to take my case on contingency?

    youtube hate video by Keith Detwiler pBdjMdO2b4Q

    I am mr. Edie Kuhn since you want to keep tax on our information with mr. uh mr. Charles Finch you're gonna get up awakening call for me now okay I'm gonna pass your administrator I'm your trashy trailer-park of turn palms community I'm also gonna call a licensing board to the motor vehicle registration of your trailer and I'm gonna start sending them all the shit that you do to us how would you like it how would you like the sit in bed with mr. Finch for all the stuff that he's been doing for the past ten years you want to like it too much with your old man I could care less that someone rolls you under the water and you drowned I'm gonna tell you that right now that's the kind of person I am that's a fix many times he wants to rumble with me cause he's got to do is invite me up and I will do a street show of them I have no time with it I have no problem with you and mr. Finch you want to keep backs to my information and talk my information out that I'm gonna do it right back and I've gotten with Joe and Jason and the eBay community that you claim that I want to start of the war that's that my side of the war pinched out of the war and used your old ass to get him on his side because he knew that you had cause with eBay and you've done some shady shit with eBay I got you kicked off of there cuz a they don't kick off good people do bad on eBay for a long time you guys need to stop harassing them well I'm gonna drive down to Clearwater Florida just like I'd roll up the Michigan and make a formal complaint about both in you two and I've only talked to Jason Jason have enough information with me and joke the very best you guys in one place mr. ed Cohen so you have one choice it's up to you we don't care how old you are you're in a wheelchair claiming that you don't have to go to court you rel have to go to court mr. old man so you can make a choice either on top Jason my pan 500 hours I guess what because you're gonna be Pylos it we're gonna we're gonna take it to Clearwater that's right we're taking it to Clearwater and here's a website about you that you claim that we made but nobody knows who made this I didn't make it go and make it Jason didn't make it cuz you guys have created many many enemies and now the enemy is right in front of you that's mr. fynch of Safa made this motherfucker and you don't believe believe that for one second you believe mr. and coon believes that Chuck Finch's is the one hammering down on us blaming us for all the stuff wants him doing it so until you stop believin this dickweed I am gonna put your information out and I am gonna take your ass to court okay you take my stuff off of your web blog right away so jason said you'd go to court with me and we're gonna file it through Jason hey I know that now all I know is I know a person that lives in Florida two hours from you and then mr. Finch will also have to follow up with the court he'll have to come on now in the Clearwater Florida for you for five hundred dollars yes I don't have to go to Michigan to bury both of your to dickweeds here you are on your website Chuck Finch scammer dot-com great for Edco huh mr. Iman mr. Finch a sidekick Finch has been helped by his apparent mr. Edie Coon here in Clearwater Florida and you're gonna keep putting this stupid stuff up on your blog here's the search results and all these search results I kind of fear our enemy okay from yourself oh I'm a webmaster well guess what mr. webmaster when you're a run master you give up you share information about yourself father you can't blame us for putting your information out when you've done it back to us so what masters are stupid in my opinion what bass to say hey I know how to se all my information well guess what else it does SEO s every time mr. Finch and mr. Coombe webmasters they claim the B which they can be anything they want but let me tell you how stupid you are for not understanding how the web works you can't bury that information because when you put your IP address out there on your VPNs and using CloudFlare and all that stuff it also replicates your locations everywhere you are including Twitter dum-dum here you are on Twitter which I now have your email address through uh Photoshop or whatever the heck there's us cuz you are in bed with mr. Trump and that's fine you you can vote for mr. Trump all you want cuz I know the truth about America and you two boneheads don't I know the truth about business I know the truth of how Rock is built okay and you two idiots living you live in a tin can and you don't go out to goodbye mr. Kent I don't care what people say you can't blame us I've gotten yourself in your own situation and now you got a lot of people coming after you and you won't leave me alone put me up on your blog and this offense put you put you in that place you can't blame anybody but you and him so on you can mr. headcount you can take my information off well I'm just gonna go to the Clearwater port I'm gonna show you that court by the way I'm cutting the paperwork and uh next month hmm and here it is just in case of ed king wants to know I'm not playing with these two idiots these two dickheads keep putting our information out lying about us and guess what it's not gonna cost as much I just found out take both of your two idiots can't stop the shit that you're doing in Florida as Florida doesn't is not governed by normal laws I'll tell you that right now did you not take very friendly up here to people like you and Finch in court so right here here's the court panelist country's civil court that's who I called and if you have a panel where that you can count us off mister head count and here's course administration number okay here's the county clerk's number just in case you need to file some paperwork real soon cuz I've already talked to Jason house a look you don't have to have the money for net for this coming up what's gonna happen you know I'm gonna pay for it because now I found out that I can get both of you in a court in one spot along with other witnesses in one spot mr. Edie Coon and unfortunately most of us are closer to Florida let me out of Michigan so I'm gonna fly Joe down to Florida we're gonna have a good old time at Disneyland with you since your wallet back so information and I am calling that administrator by the way was your Park time on your name I'm sure they're they know that what you do is uh not just on constitutional law breaking you back break the law okay both of you to monkey bones so you're not gonna get away with what you're doing anymore you are your best stop I don't care who stops or what mister come and mr. fish are both gonna be and uh and uh - County Courthouse because you may be subpoenaed the court mr. Finch cuz if you are a witness to idiots Coons ah wrongdoings what he calls it that's right and what you guys been to uh Jason and I'm a witness and Jason so Jason just like I just need to come up with half the money for the car I'll take it's only two what two hours away I said no problem I'll put up out of two hundred bucks I'll put up the other 200 bucks and I'll full file it will go well file the paperwork online which I already called them I can do that and they're gonna send me paperwork back and now to certify everything and then mr. Kuhn is gonna be in court and then also guess who else is gonna be subpoenaed the court that's right and you'll have to show up mr. Finch and a state of missing and I'll make sure you do so because if you don't flora will come up and arrest your ass for not showing up for a subpoena you have to show up mr. Finch you guys are all we're so brainy we're so smart one webmasters you don't think your information that's coming out there is gonna hurt us any well I'm sorry it does because now we have all the information we need to bury both you two and get you off the internet like you should be so how did you like it if I made a nice phone call to the motor vehicle registration of your trailer and have your license revoked because guess what happens mr. Kuhn well someone like me makes complaints and Shoals of evidence of what you're doing guess what they'll revoke your license and make you pay a fine in the state of Florida for the shit that you pull and if you don't believe that you can look it up you are breaking the law and let some abrasive law I know licensed property like yourself under the motor vehicle registration and a trailer they'll look at those facts in court and say you know you stopped or you're gonna lose your trailer and that's coming too I don't care about your tin-can thing that you live in well I do care about is you and all your bullshit okay then it's about coming to a stop so Chuck fix camera dot-com guys right here how's the whole story about mr. Edie come here there's a bunch of pictures in here about what he does and clothes can times a be a devoted Christian and blames us for getting kicked out of this church problem is you're not Christian and you shouldn't be in there for the shit that you pull here's some Flash Player stuff here's mr. Sanchez ID Coon friends of Chuck Finch scammer dot-com you are pathetic stupid individuals webmasters of dumbness the two biggest stupidest webmasters that I could come up with who you both are and you make up ba all kinds of accusations because Joe best in you Jerry busted you mr. Finch and you just can't get over being on the news you're gonna keep on cutting out trash you stop you know what I'm gonna put out more trashy stuff on both of you - dickweed stupid frauds because you're to play many webmasters that work against you because Internet is meant to be shared by hidden and you can't hide your fucking self in this motherfucking place called the web don't care where you go you can't hide dudes mister I'd kill you old fart you can't hide from us from that either and now you're coming at me I'm gonna come right back at you so I hope you like what's coming you

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  • CrazeeNyDriver Reacts To PayPal Satire Video Swallows The Bait

    Joseph DeMarco the eBay and PayPal PR guy reacts to a satire video produced by Charles Fitch. He will do anything, even risk criminal and civil prosecution to protect his bosses. Have to give seller critic credit for being a good fisherman - he reeled in a huge fish!!

    the fitchy youtube channel

    Today is Sunday March 3rd 2019 in this video I'm going to show you a UAW worker encouraging people to pull scams on eBay and PayPal and commit fraud before we get to the video he made this is the guy right here his name is Charles Fitch that's the name of his channel and you can see the video was published yesterday on March 2nd 2019 and it clearly says get your PayPal courtesy refunds today ok before we jump into that this is Charles fish he has been called an internet predator an international menace by Fox News he is currently working at Detroit thermal systems you can see their information on your screen right now and he is a member of the UAW I heartfully encourage everybody after watching this video if you don't like what he's saying and feel threatened I hardly encourage you to contact the UAW at their Facebook page right here I will put the link in the comment section below or if you'd rather you can tweet to them but first I'm going to play you the clip of the video he just made then we'll come back and we will do a finalization and discussion because legally now PayPal has to refund every purchase if you are a buyer on eBay you could simply call PayPal up and tell them you want a refund and they have to give you a refund doesn't matter if you sent package back or not and this is what eBay doesn't want you to know about so for all you people out there you if you guys really want to get PayPal back in eBay back for the that they've pulled over the years make some purchases on eBay and then call PayPal just simply tell them you want a refund and they have to give you a one time courtesy refund okay and they they don't want nobody knowing about this but they have to give you by law a a one-time courtesy refund okay so by something big buy something for four hundred bucks buy from a top rated seller the top rated sellers understand that this is the cost of doing business let the seller if the seller wants to come after you and through a civil action let the seller come after you for the refund but PayPal has to give you the refund by law okay so I hope this has been a great video on the seller critic I hate PayPal I hate eBay for years and I'm never gonna stop never okay folks let's do a little bit of the connected dots now if you would like to see this video in its entirety right up here all you have to do is in the search field type in Charles Fitch and this is his channel Sholes Fitch likes to remove his videos after he puts them up for a couple of hours but I already have this one saved because we're building a case against him if any of you guys are interested in an action against Charles Fitch a criminal action the civil action will come later on interested in a criminal action first please contact me shawls Fitch as you heard hates eBay and PayPal because both those sites have kicked them off for violating their rules this guy is the worst kind of scum imaginable he hates me as much as he hates eBay and PayPal because I exposed him I contacted FoxNews and then they did two new shows exposing this guy and he will forever be known as a scammer and a stalker and a laughingstock in his community I will Kendall excuse me I will continue to make these videos until he's brought to justice I will never stop if you want to see more of the things he's done to people on YouTube then in the search field type in Detroit thermal systems again please contact the UAW and let them know that their member is encouraging fraud thank you for watching I'll have another video up shortly

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  • Trolling His Victims Workplace

    Transcript from this abusive video on the YouTube Fitchy Channel. Abusive corporate insider Hubcap Joe AKA CrazeeNyDriver publisher of the eBay talk promotional video series speaking.

    crazeenydriver report charles fitch to uaw hate youtube video

    Video Transcript: Today is Monday February 25th 2019 in today's video we're going to talk about a Detroit thermal systems employee and UAW member who is abusing private citizens I am talking about the man you see right here Charles Fitch so let me give you a little bit of a backstory in case you're new to these videos and I'll explain what's going on seven years ago this man Charles Fish started attacking my eBay account by placing fake bids on my items that is what started this whole problem this man has been kicked off eBay and banned from using their services for violating their policies and since that time he's taken his anger out on eBay and it's successful sellers such as myself battery galaxy Keith Detweiler and many more he has made many videos attacking us trying to hurt our businesses so the group of us are now joining forces and trying to start a class-action suit against this man let me tell you that if you go on to YouTube and if you type in the word right here type in Detroit thermal systems alright look at all the evidence videos that have been uploaded about this one man we're going to take a look at a few of these today I mean there are just so many look at this video after video after video about the same guy the evidence is just overwhelming but today we're going to take a look at a few clips that I've selected for you guys that show that this man abuses people not only online but in the workplace and from the workplace using their Wi-Fi and resources now this man got a little wake-up call on Friday which I know he didn't like at work and this is the kind of thing that's going to continue until he's brought to justice I have said this before and I'm going to say it again I have no intention of stopping until the authorities move in this man owns a loaded gun and when I show you the examples of stalking and paranoia that I'm going to show you you're going to freak out at the end of the video I'm going to give you some contact information for Detroit thermal systems and the UAW as well and I'm going to show you a website that is devoted to this man Charles fish our fight is with Charles fish it is not with Detroit thermal systems or the UAW per se we are just trying to get them to be aware of what their employee and member is doing for the safety of their other members Sholes Fitch continues to cast a dark cloud over both Detroit thermal systems and the UAW he is a one-man negative press machine but let me now play you a few clips I'm gonna play you a clip of Fitch abusing women women in the workplace minorities making gun threats and things that you just won't believe so guys let's get to the clips now then I'll come back and I'll explain how you can contact the authorities and hopefully get this man brought to justice you know I highly suggest mr. DeMarco that if you if you value if you value your YouTube channel in your million views I highly suggest that you tell your little buddy boys oh oh and you can yo and whoever else is filing incomplete I can reports I might domains I highly suggest that you tell them to stop because you my friend you are going to suffer at the hands of your soldiers and I don't care if you want to take this as a threat as a promise I don't care how you want to perceive it I'm warning you right now if you continue if you continue to file fake I can complaints on my domains now you've seen how you've seen how I've knocked out some of the some of the detainee old channels on YouTube I will do the same to you I'm telling you it sure as I'm sitting here if you value your fucking YouTube channel mr. DeMarco I highly suggest you tell moomer mr. Ritter mr. Smith sir Somers from Sullivan whatever his last name is or your Facebook buddies or whoever is doing it you can do because if I have to keep messing with my go meanings okay I'm gonna I'm gonna keep messing with your YouTube channel so it's gone I'm telling you it sure as I'm sitting here and you know what you can't do a fucking thing about it you can't do a fucking thing about it if YouTube knocks you out because of them that's why I got to carry a gun because I don't know who the hell is gonna show up here and try to start trouble with me or or whatever because of this guy I have to carry a gun because of this guy I am seeking the FBI's help in taking a registered loaded gun away from a man in Westland Michigan who is exhibiting traits of paranoia schizophrenia and is delusional I am referring to this man you're looking at right now Charles W fetch of Westland Michigan this is a special video message for the Howard idiot moron that keeps driving by my apartment and beeping his horn so this message is for you you are a coward okay and not only that but you are on video okay and as soon as I find out where you live in this apartment complex I'm gonna report you to the manager all right because the manager is aware of my situation see she's taking my empty carts and she's ramming me in the legs not once but twice with the murder with the carts and you know I try to tell her you're hitting me in the leg stop pushing the carts hello you're hitting me and she she goes off and she starts swearing fuck this fuck bad and she walks away she goes to get a supervisor she's complaining that you know I threw cardboard at her which I didn't do she she takes the whole story and she twists it around now this is what women do in the workplace they I got you bitch I got you hey guys what's going on this is the woman right here Rachel Pietschmann that's been following me every single day during a week looks just like the woman she's got long hair white female younger white female I only I only got a side profile of her the many times that I've seen her but this apparently is her because somebody comes into my channel right here and posts a comment ventureBeat t that comment don't make sense five hours ago this was posted by a Diane Pietschmann now I look up a Diane Pietschmann okay and she's this is her right here okay and this is her website right here her real name is Rachel Pietschmann okay and she's a writer for The New York Times contributor to the New York Times Rachel wrapkin Pietschmann is an award-winning journalist writer and editor specializing in health and [Music] [Music] education placement stick up from salt I'm not gonna get into that you know you can fight his own battles sure the good job I don't need to bring you out we know that you use Time Warner Cable to which we are gonna notify table of your abuse and get your internet connection shut down so that you will no longer be able to bun your cheesy jazzy jumping jerking radio show like you do oh yeah alright I'm not gonna play any more clips today because of time constraints because I want to talk a little bit more about this internet predator we know is Charles Fitch in the video clip I just played you he loves to brag about reporting people to their cable company to their employment to wherever they work to even if i they sell on ebay like i do he loves reporting people so we've been reporting him for those of you guys who are interested this is the uaw detroit facebook page there will be a link in the description box to low so you can contact them and report the sky there is their contact then we're right there on the screen three one three nine two six five thousand if you have been a victim of this man i strongly suggest you call and put a complaint on record if you have been a victim you really should do this if you would rather deal with detroit thermal systems their contact number is seven three four four zero three sixty five hundred tell them you have been a victim of this man right here Charles Chuck fish who calls himself eBay is a joke here is a website designed to help get the word out about this one guy right here Charles Chuck fish this is the person we are interested in prosecuting he is the one he has there been excuse me he has been smearing people online he has been attacking their eBay accounts which I've shown you eBay has sent him a cease and desist letter but yet he refused to comply so violation of that cease and desist letter is a serious matter my friends as I've said earlier and even at the beginning of this video I am in this for life and beyond no longer will this man be able to stalk people with impunity and get away with it because it's a long as I'm here I'm going to keep exposing him and there is nothing he can do about it it's funny I would choose to use that terminology because if you listen to his video one of the clips I played you earlier when he was yelling at Jason he said there was nothing he can do about it I'm the same for me well guess what there is nothing Fitch can do about it Detroit thermal systems and the United Auto Workers Union need to know what this man is doing to people online here is just some of the information on YouTube there'll be more videos going up and as I've said in previous videos every time he makes one about me I'm gonna make one about him and I'm never going to stop and there's nothing he can do about it this man is paranoid and he shows delusions of persecution do you guys think this man should own a loaded registered gun I don't and I really don't think you do either so if you're against bullying and stalking whether it be in the workplace or as a union member or online or in real life please speak up if you see something say something call Detroit thermal systems today seven three four four zero three 6500 or if you prefer the you aw three one three nine two six 5,000 or contact them through their Facebook page which is right here guys thank you for watching this video I will have another video up as soon as he attacks me again and thank you for watching please don't sit back and be idle and think everyone else is going to do something we need all the help we can get against this internet predator named Charles Fitch

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